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How to get to Castel dell'Ovo

Visiting Castel dell'Ovo is very easy as it is right in the heart of the modern city of Naples it is easy to reach from anywhere else.

From the Airport

Take a taxi on direct route from the Naples International Airport (Ugo Niutta) in Capodichino and it is only about 20 minutes, using the Nouva Marina it is very close. Avoid the traffic by taking instead the A1 then E45, which is double the distance at 16km but may take a similar time as the road will be clearer.

There are also busses from the airport called Alibus which are frequent (every twenty minutes), cheap (� 3) and comfortable but only go as far as Stazione Marittima, the port terminal near the Castel Nuovo, which is another 20 minutes walk from here.  In total such a trip would be over an hour and so for the short distance involved the taxi is always better, certainly if arriving in the city with luggage and staying on Borgo Marinari.  For more information about Alibis click here.

Immediately outside the Arrivals hall you will find both the ranks for the taxi and also the stop for the bus.  Follow signs to queue for the taxis.  A taxi to the Castel can either be on the meter or fixed rate.  A set list of prices is printed in each taxi and the current rate from the airport to the Castel, as it is in the San Ferdinando district, is �23 which includes up to as many people as can sit in the taxi, typically 4, and luggage.  If you choose a metered trip then luggage and other items will be extra so a fixed rate trip is recommended.

From Piazza Garibaldi

Outside the main railway station is the largest transport square in the city, and from here it is common to reach other parts of the city.  So also from Garibaldi to Castel dell'Ovo is a very direct path.  As with many trips within Naples a taxi is the best recommendation, as it will get you there fast and easily.  The trip is only 5km and will cost only about �8 on a metered trip

There are however also various busses which make this route, the Piazza is a major interchange and many busses stop here. The Bus 151 which you can catch at the far end, away from the railway station, of the Piazza goes to quite close to the Castle. Ride 10 stops or until you reach Morelli-vittoria and from there it is necessary to walk south about 10 minutes.