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Unless you are attending a catered event within the castle rooms there is no food served in the Castel.  However you will find just meters away, on the same island of Borgo Marinari, that there are three restaurants directly outside the Castle overlooking the water.

Ristorante Ciro Pizzeria - Try their fresh and simple food, such as the spaghettie with fresh tomatoes from the region, or a Pizza made freshly with real mozzarella. website

La Scialuppa - Called the "Lifeboat" this 1860 restaurant still operates today as it did then with a wood fired Pizza oven giving you fresh crispy crusts together with your delicate locally caught seafood. website

Restorante Transetlantico - The last restaurant in the line but well worth the few extra meters walk this outstanding restaurant mostly serves the local boating community. With the best view of the city as the sun sets this is a great place to have a huge plate of mussels and clams or indulge in a seafood risotto   website


Don't forget to explore the rest of the island though. In the small streets behind and beside the castle are hidden other smaller restaurants with great choices as well.  Consider for examples xCaffetteria Marsal, which on a corner with the steep walls of the Castle overlooking you. A small cafe and bar the owner brings you drinks with speed, but doesn't bother you. Small tasty snacks to go with your drinks are offered.